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El Weekender

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Farewell to Spain trip

Going through security at DFW was relatively hassle free.  Going through passport control at Madrid was a breeze.  There were two lines, on for EE and All Others.  It was kind of a no brainer to figure out that EE was European Union where all you need to show is an ID card.   Got on the All Others line and handed the passports to the customs officer he stamped them and we went for our luggage.  That was it. 

You walk around Madrid and you hear so many different languages, people dressed in attire from other cultures, a hardline nationalist is going to be frightened by what is visible.  Not everybody is an immigrant.  Spain is also a mecca for tourism.  People from all over the world come to visit Spain.  Tourism is one of the leading industries in Spain.

Spain like most European countries is or was relatively homogenous.  Homogenous means if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it looks like a duck, it is homogenous.  It is easy to spot those that do not look like you.  Especially if you are a duck.

You have many countries in the Middle East and North Africa that are having massive political problems.  Most of these problems are due to European colonization.  Probably the most notable is Syria where you have a man in charge who does not want to give up his power, who has armed groups fighting against him and the man is supported by a super power, Russia, or should we say Putin.  The civil war has gone on for years many have died and many have left seeking safety someplace else.  Countries around the world have quotas as to how many of these refugees will be admitted to their country.

Comparing the immigration problem in Europe and that of the US is difficult.  The primary reason for the immigration problem in Europe is war.  People flee to avoid the violence.  The primary reason for immigration problem in America is economic.  People flee to escape dirt poor conditions.  America, the land of opportunity, is a mecca for those escaping extreme poverty in Central America and other countries.  America too has created political unrest in Central and South America.  America cannot wash its hand and with a casual attitude just say, “not my problem.”  Congress has made the problem worse by not passing some sort of immigration reform.

Immigration is like all the other major problem America faces, Congress knows it has a problem but it is too far divided ideologically divided to come up with a fix.  Which brings us to the local elections.  How you vote may decide how Trump proceeds with his agenda on immigration, building the wall and all issues.  Those politicians running for office that are Trump supporters need to know that their loyalty is to their city and not Trump.  Yes, your vote will be heard in Washington.  Hold your elected officials accountable.  They work for you.

By Felix Alvarado


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