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El Weekender

No 64

Are Cowboys Closer To

A Super Bowl?

Clearly the Cowboys need defensive help, but will first round draft pick Taco Charlton get them any closer to the promised land? Free agency had the Cowboys losing key defense players like J.J Wilcox, Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Barry Church and others. They lost at least 7 players that perhaps not super stars in their position but key players on this often-maligned Dallas defense. Byron Jones that at times flashes some greatness and Anthony Brown are now the core of the Dallas backfield. But will it be enough if Orlando Scandrick stays healthy, I say no, not without help upfront. The Cowboys need turnover interceptions, fumbles etc and that does not happen without a pass rush. Will their shiny addition (Taco) bring at least that possibility?

Taco Charlton is 6/6 and 270, he had 9.5 sacks and 13 tackles in his senior year at Michigan his best season there and his first as starter. In addition, he is known for finding a way into the backfield with his arm strength and spin move. That my friends will cause Q.B. pressures that we desperately need around here, when a professional Quarterback has all day to set, it is no Bueno (no good) Will he be the final piece that gets us to the super bowl, probably not, but he should add some real competition for the right end defensive end spot. And it can only get better from there, plus something tells me that we will be eating a lot of free tacos thanks to local taco joints and Taco Charlton. Let’s see what we get with the 60th pick on Friday.

By A. Govea


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Defensive End Taco Carlton

Importance of Education

for Latinos

Translated by Bernadette Orona

The majority of people from Hispanic backgrounds highly values higher education. According to, 83 percent of Hispanics living in the United States indicated education was an important part of deciding their vote in the past presidential election. Although Latinos wish to obtain a higher level of education many don’t have the ability to pay for school after high school. In 2014,  66 percent of Latinos decided not to attend college after completing high school due to a lack of money.

However, times are changing. In 2014 Latino students accounted for 35 percent of the college population, an increase of 13 percent from 1993, the largest rise in enrollment of all other ethnicities. According to the Huffington Post, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) estimates this percentage to rise to 42 percent by 2021, a growth of ten times more than whites with a growth of 4 percent. Additionally, reported the index of Latino students that dropped out of high school dropped drastically from two percent in 2000 to 12 percent in 2014, the largest drop compared to all other ethnicities.

These statistics are reflected at the University of North Texas in Denton, their webpage indicates the percentage of Latino student rose from 10.83 percent in 2006 to 22.12 percent in the Fall of 2016. Once UNT reaches a 25 percent population of Latino students the U.S will recognize it as an institution that serves the Hispanic community. Thus, the government would grant it more funding for Hispanic students with financial need.

Even though Hispanics are the largest minority in the U.S, the percentage of Latinos attending college is still lower than some other ethnicities. However, statistical trends indicate this will change in upcoming years giving many more Latinos an opportunity to obtain a higher education which would result in jobs of higher caliber and better opportunities for this ethnic group.


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960 Miles to Havana

We pounded through the night in four to six foot swells. I tacked several degrees south to smooth the ride. Roberto had become full blown seasick. I blamed myself because I should have asked him to take the Dramamine before we left the dock. There is nothing more miserable than being sick at sea. There is nowhere to go and relief is impossible. He was laying on the bridge trying to sleep. I told him to stay out of the cabin. Baldo was on the first mate chair and I remained at the helm. Erick had gone below to sleep...

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Spanish Lesson of the Week
(Story in Spanish/English)

Los perros se conocen como el mejor amigo del hombre. A pesar de esta amistad, hay algo más que ellos contribuyen a ésta, además del amor que les demos formando una relación que une al dueño y a su mascota en una forma simbiótica. Hay esperanza en sus vidas con los nuevos descubrimientos de desórdenes del cerebro y veteranos que regresan con trauma de las guerras. La adición de un animal de servicio los ayudará tremendamente...

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Farewell to Spain trip

Going through security at DFW was relatively hassle free. Going through passport control at Madrid was a breeze. There were two lines, on for EE and All Others. It was kind of a no brainer to figure out that EE was European Union where all you need to show is an ID card. Got on the All Others line and handed the passports to the customs officer he stamped them and we went for our luggage. That was it...

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