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Want to feel good? Read this

Are you not feeling good? Does something have you feeling down? Did you do something that you are now feeling bad because you, did it? Are you feeling guilty? Well my friend what you need is forgiveness.

Being forgiven for something we have done wrong can be a very up lifting and relaxing stage to be in. Hey, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Some can be big mistakes some can be little. We can get mad and yell at someone. We can become irritated by someone cutting us off on the freeway or by what someone said or did to us. We then try to retaliate. You know pay them back. At first that feels so good but later you feel bad. When you do harm to someone you also do harm to yourself. When you hate, or hold grudges against someone you are actually hurting or damaging yourself. So, no wonder you feel bad. Those kinds of bad things you committed are called a “sin”. Sins are no no’s to our self-conscience, they makes us feel bad.

Well guess what, there is a way to bring your body and soul into a state of feeling good, content and happy! To get into that mode involves a process simply called, “being forgiven of your sins”. We must first ask for to be forgiven. So, who do we ask? Well we can ask our one and only true Father which is God. But he only talks to Prophets. The last one of those Guys was Moses. So how do you get forgiven? TaDah!, The Catholic Church and our Priest. Our Catholic Priest are Jesus’s representatives hear on earth. They have committed their lives to following Christ and continuing his teachings. Their job is to help you save your Soul. They are empowered by Christ as his Apostles to hear your confession and to forgive your Sins. Don’t worry they are also pledged to not reveal to anyone what you have confessed. Our federal laws actually protect this relationship between the confessor and the clergy.

We Catholics have “The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation”. This is only one of the seven Sacraments by which we can obtain amazing Grace but so very important to save our Souls and live with a clear conscience. We Catholic are assured after we walk out of the confessional box that we have been forgiven of our sins. After you hear the words “Through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ I absolve you of all your Sins” you feel so good.

Then the battle begins! The devil’s demons start to work on you again. You must be aware of this. In order to battle them you must remember Love! Stay positive act kind to that person that was rude. Be nice to someone you just came across. Who knows maybe someone was just rude to them. Your treating them nice could break that chain of bad the devil is trying to create. You know it’s like Tag your it, pass it on.

Being nice to people makes us feel good. Being forgiven for our sins makes us feel good. Doing what is right according to God’s teaching makes us feel good. Loving God and doing his Will puts us in a state of grace that allows the Holy Spirit to live in us. That really makes us feel good.

Think Love, give Love, God is Love. Do you get it now?

Jesus Christ suffered and died so that sins would be forgiven. He paid a big price for you to be able to have it.

So, go get some forgiveness. It’s waiting on you.

Your Friend in Christ,
Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose
To get into that mode involves a process simply called, “being forgiven of your sins”. We must first ask for to be forgiven.



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