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The issue is Children

Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the country.  It is poised to have over a million people in a few years.  So many people, so few voters.  Thus far in this election as of 4/29/2017 , 28,186 people voted early and of 8,209 mail in ballots requests, 5,553 have been returned.

You can ask yourself what these low numbers represent and they probably mean that you do not want change, that you are satisfied with the way things are.  Sadly, what they really mean is that you have a small group of people running the city.  It is called an oligarchy.  t is called an oligarchy.  That also means You have a city council where there is little discord where one person sets the agenda.  Yet, a democracy is about discord where issues get discussed publicly and the best course of action is reached.  A city council is anything but team oriented.  Yet the local fake media would want you to believe that the lack of discourse is healthy.

If you do not know what SB4 is all about you need to find out from YOUR representative.  It is unfair to let Ramon Romero and Vicki Neaves to carry the load on such a monumental piece of legislation when the person carrying the load should be you, the voter.  SB4 is a testament to discrimination being alive and well in Texas.  And if there is discrimination in Texas it is because simply we do not vote in numbers big enough to frighten politicians.  In addition to not voting we do not seek political office.  Dallas County has a long history of political activism by Mexican Americans.  In Tarrant County, you have had a few politically involved people the one I will mention is Fernando Florez who fought for years to add a city council seat in Fort Worth but in the end when the vote came, few voted.  The saying goes “you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”  Because we do not drink the water everybody else has more water to drink.  In politics, it means everybody else gets what they want such as ‘SB4.

There are so many well credentialed people running for office in the metroplex and I am so proud of every one of them.  I am proud of Ramon Romero, Vicki Neaves, and Cinto Ramos for their activism.  They are going to be criticized from both sides of the isle and because some are jealous that they did not have the courage to be political activists themselves and others because they want us to be the submissive people that we have been for over 100 years.  The consequence of our submissiveness can be seen in our subpar school facilities, failing schools, school to prison pipeline, look at your neighborhood and see if you are satisfied.  If your children do not mean that much to you stay home do not go vote. 

Let’s be certain about one thing, there are many Latinos that vote Republican.  Many.  We should not hold Latino Republicans in disdain just because they are Republicans because then we are no better than Trump and his supporters.  We should not support Trump or his supporters until the come to the table and start supporting us.  Recently there was a KKK rally in Lake Worth.  Is that the kind of future that we want?  In this editor’s opinion, Trump is bad for America, Trump is bad for the world.  When he threatens to dissolve the 9th Court of Appeal just because they do not rule in his favor that is about as un-American as you can get.  When spoken by the president it is a threat to our American democracy.  The biggest threat though are his supporters that do not care if he lies or whatever actions he takes.  If you want an example of what unabridged power gets you look at Venezuela.

The publisher and I were around for the Chicano Movement as were a few others in the Metroplex.  We were around when opportunities for Mexican Americans were limited.   Since then massive strides have been taken.  But it came at a price.  The Callejos, Jose Angel Gutierrez and several others fought hard so everyone had a chance of achieving the American Dream.  We come a long way.  If we have not gone further it is because we did not vote in sufficient numbers and we trusted those we elected, Latino and Not Latino.  You can say that we have been let down.  We believed the fake media.  The fake media is still with us trying to convince which persons you should vote for.  The fake media does not represent you.

So what is the issue this election?  Your children and what kind of future you want for your children.  The ball is in your court you have to do something with it. 

Felix Alvarado


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