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El Weekender

No 66

Saul Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Junior:
The Beating of a Zombie

By Franco

May 6, 2017

Saturday night the big fight finally happened. Unfortunately, it was about Saul “Canelo” Alvarez mercilessly beating up a walking corpse, -a zombie! The Julio Cesar Chavez junior, the son of the legendary champion of the same name, never showed up. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t exist.

The marketing that led up to the fight led many people to believe that because Chavez junior had a fighting chance because he was taking his training seriously, had hired the best conditioning coach in boxing Memo Heredia, and was learning from the best boxing trainer in the world Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain. The truth is that Chavez junior’s chances of being competitive against a world class fighter are like the chances that it will rain money, almost none.

The Chavez junior that showed up at the fight was not who the media promised, instead he was a zombie who took a severe beating from Canelo for twelve rounds. He was not only physically beaten by Canelo but also intimidated psychologically. Prior to the fight, Canelo frequently humiliated the terrified Chavez junior who had to rely on his father to call off a bet forced on him by Canelo, that would’ve bankrupted Chavez junior. The greatest humiliation came to Chavez junior during the fight when people who initially booed him for not fighting, started feeling sorry for him, a pitiful sight to behold. The human side to this story is the love of a father, Julio Cesar Chavez senior, who supported his son, and helped him shoulder shame and humiliation.

The winner in this fight was Canelo, who has now become the new Mayweather, making millions of dollars without risking much in a fight, humiliating his opponents, making them look helpless and inept. His next challenge will be Golovkin who is truly dangerous. Golovkin is the last true challenge for Canelo. The whole world will be watching that fight.

The second great winner is Oscar de la Hoya, this Mexican-American from East Los Angeles is the wealthiest boxer in the world, his wealth a product of his boxing career and his work as a promoter. De la Hoya has now become the most influential boxing promoter eclipsing Bob Arum and other lesser promoters. De la Hoya has uncovered the key to success in promoting boxing fights by using Mexican media, Mexican fighters, and offering this to the world. His next challenge is to find the next boxing star that can replace Canelo when the time comes.

The great loser is Chavez junior, who will probably be forced to retire since no one would pay a cent to watch him again. Also, he runs the risk of being seriously hurt, since he no longer has reflexes and doesn’t have any true boxing skills. His desire to shape up physically and learn skills comes a little too late, he should’ve done this when he was young. His laziness and stupidity will cost him millions of dollars, money he will not be able to earn because he destroyed his own career. If he has learned his lesson he will invest his money wisely and retire from boxing.



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