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El Weekender

No 66

Honor Killings in Irving, Texas

By Denise Jimenez

It was a chilly New Year’s Day in Irving, Texas, a day usually filled with hope and new beginnings for most. For Yaser Abdel Said, it was no different but his idea of starting a new meant moving forward without his two innocent Teenage daughters. How could a father be so cold and murder his own children in cold blood? Irving Police, had an idea and the answer will leave you staggered.

The term “Honor Killing” became well known when investigators began suspecting this to be the motive for the murder of the two teenage sisters. What is an “Honor Killing” exactly? An honor killing is when a family member murders another family member for the sake of regaining nobility they feel has been lost.

According to the Honour Based Violence Awareness Network (HBV), “HBV has occurred within many different societies, and many different periods in history, within male-dominated societies where there is an insistence upon the control of female autonomy”. These are crimes that are primarily effecting women, and is truly a disturbing phenomenon. HBV, also revealed that there are five thousand Honor Killings per year internationally.

The details of this heartbreaking crime are almost too difficult to imagine as Sisters Amina 18, and Sarah 17 were deceived by their father under the guise of going out to dinner, only to find themselves in motel parking lot. Irving police, shows in the 911 tapes how one of the daughters was fatally injured but could call the police and inform 911 operators of their location. Sadly, both sisters had mortal injuries and did not survive the gunshot wounds.

Home video shows a rather creepy side of Yaser Abdel Said, as it shows him strangely walking into his daughter’s room making inappropriate comments to the two girls and clearly making them uncomfortable. Could some sort of twisted family life be the reason for this grisly murder? Some may point the motive towards the 18-year-old daughters dating life, but detectives are not certain. And, they won’t be until they catch him as the assailant is on the top 10 FBI’s Most Wanted list. The FBI is even offering a $100,000 for any valuable information on his location. Hopefully the time will come sooner rather than later because the friends and family are desperate for answers and to some small degree, they are searching for closer as well.



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