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Before I get into the movies I want to repeat something that if you are Latino you have heard before “Why don’t they make movies or TV shows about us” There is many reasons I believe but I will focus on two, Latino community is really diverse and I am not just talking Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican etc.

We have Latinos that speak no Spanish, Latinos that are solely Rockers, Rap, Tejano Music and of course the Redneck Mexican Boy. And there is more, so you see any movie or TV show that is made someone in our group will say that’s not us! You couple this fact with not enough people coming out to support the few movies or TV shows made to reflect our community and that equals us getting less not more. When you spend on a Latino theme movie or show you are voting for more, when you don’t just like in Political system no vote no voice. I have been in theaters to watch a Latino theme movie and I am the only Mexican there.

That is why my friends, that I will support just about any Latino theme type movie or show that is made available to me. Below are a couple of recommendations and full disclosure I do not receive any monetary gain from any reviews or recommendations.
How to be a Latino Lover
If you need a good laugh this movie is for you. Eugenio Derbez stars as Maximo an aging gigolo that has relayed on his now fading looks to go after rich older women. When his 80 something wife decides to go for a younger man, he is left penniless and must turn to his sister for help. The problem is while he was living the rich life, he had no time for family. His sister played by Salma Hayek is the opposite of him, she is an architect looking for her first big job and a single mother. Her young son’s name is Hugo which Maximo befriends to get close to his next rich old lady played by Raquel Welch. Also in the movie is Rob Lowe and Kristen Bell, movie is family friendly and I believe all will laugh.


Firmes New Wave 817, Finest Custom Oldies, Bajitos Car Clubs attend Fort Worth Premier of Lowrider Movie

I have not seen this movie yet but will this weekend, it stars Eva Longoria as Gloria, Demian Bichir among others. It is set in the lowrider scene of L.A. and revolves a family dealing with what the Father considers the way a life should be lead and the conflict with his sons. The trailer looks good along with the music track and if you say yea but I’m not a lowrider, hey neither am I. This movie is about a lot more than that!

On T.V.

I have written before about the C W show Jane the Virgin about how I think it is a smart funny show and it still is. But I bring up again because on last week’s episode they referred to the turmoil the new administrations immigration policies are causing in our community. And while I have seen several network shows reference Black lives matters marches, have not seen the same for immigration marches. So, I want to thank the writers of Jane the Virgin for having worked this in to the show, because it does matter, to many of us.

By A. Govea


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