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El Weekender

No 67

When they take the low road
we take the high road

Michelle Obama said it best.  When they take the low road, we take the high road.  She said this in reference to the negativity of the Trump Campaign.  I can recall my campaign days when I would advise other candidates that politics was like a gladiator event, if you can’t stand the blood you don’t belong in the arena.  What I was referring to was that when you enter a debate you have to be totally prepared otherwise the other candidates are going to make mincemeat out of you. 

That sage advice could have well been given to some local Latino politicians.  This is the second election that I have seen disgusting literature from some politicians.  In these small elections knowledge of issues is very important.  I would hope that we have reached a level of political sophistication that we vote based on our knowledge of issues and not on “chisme” originated by some candidate desperate to get elected and void of knowledge of the issues.  Question is “Why are local politicians taking the low road?”  Because they cannot discuss issues?

Chisme is what is called “fake news” or simply propaganda.  Like propaganda, it works.  Our Latino politicians should be more concerned on educating our voters on the importance of voting.  You the voter need to know that if you get chisme literature, to throw it in the trash and go to the ballot box and vote against the person that sent it.  There are issues that they should be able to discuss with voters.  My mother was ever vigilant and the worse thing we could do was get caught passing chisme.  She hated chismoleros

There are issues that are very important to the citizens of Fort Worth.  For instance, there is the Trinity River Vision, is it really a good deal for voters.  Then there is the demolishment of the Northside little by little to make room for economic development.  Slowly but surely, the Latino is being squeezed out of the Northside.  As a precursor to economic development we should first make sure that all our children are getting a world class education and that all are graduating for high school and obtaining an employable skill.  If that does not happen people from other parts are going to move in to take the jobs.  High school graduations should be more the photo ops for politicians. 

The Mexican American experience in Fort Worth is way over 100 years old.  Politically, we do not have much to show for it.  You can tell by the names of streets named after Mexican Americans.  One, maybe?  Our local Latino leaders have not even managed to name a street after Cesar Chavez. 

By Felix Alvarado


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