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El Weekender

No 69

Am I the only one that is crazy?

I can recall the expression “Let me tell you the facts!” Many of us grew up believing that when you said this expression we were certain to hear the unadulterated truth. Nowadays we hear of such words as fake news, alternative facts, disinformation, prevarication, propaganda, untruth any variation of a lie. 

Here is something that is recent and local.  A local politician endorsed a candidate because he was “honest”.  I thought about that.  Anyone that has ever made out a resume knows that if you want to have a fair shot at getting the job you have to “fudge “or “embellish” the resume, just a little.  I have always considered this practice normal.  I guess it goes like this; do you want to tell the truth or do you want the job?  But to call someone honest that you know embellishes things just a little.  Well, no problem there are those that will believe anything.  Anything. 

This takes us to Washington DC where you can find more teeth in a hen than people telling the truth.  Once upon a time the bully pulpit was for a president to deliver his message or inform the public of what he was doing.  Now the bully pulpit is for the president to point the finger at almost anybody and say they are not telling the truth, their version of the truth is incorrect, they are overstepping their authority, and the list goes on.  That the courts were never intended to be a check on anything.  Of course, if you are under investigation by the FBI you need to be concerned if not worried.  Or, like the song goes “it takes a worried man to sing a worried.” 

Yes, we do have a drug problem.  But it is not because we consume them but because some other country produces them.  We have a trade imbalance problem with Germany.  But it is not because we like BMWs and Mercedes Benz but because Germany produces the cars.  Climate change is not real.  Glaciers are not melting away.  All those scientists that claim that are well, crazy. 

Listening to Jonathon Edwards song, “Sunshine” just convinced me that I am not crazy after all.  It is a song for the times.  He can’t even run his own life, I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine”.



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