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El Weekender

No 74

For The Times, They are a Changin’

Reading the WFAA report on No SB4 meeting and Bud Kennedy’s comments, it is obvious that the establishment has found a way to inform the No SB4 members that the city council is not going to give in to any demands to join in the fight against SB4.

The remarks by Bud Kennedy show that there is some discomfort in the establishment regarding the No SB4 movement.  Those groups cited by Bud have to feel uncomfortable too.  After spending tens of thousands of dollars on the Carlos Flores campaign and barely winning does not bode well for a political career for Flores as well as it serves as a warning sign for the Republican Party that things are not well in Tarrant County.

The question is, can the same thing that happened in California and in Arizona happen in Texas?  That answer is a simple, yes.  In a democracy things do not stand still.  No one stays in power forever.  I can see the concern, if not downright fear, of the TEA Party and Republican conservatives that eventually they will lose control.  It is inevitable and the best thing that these groups can do is move towards the center and embrace the other side, us minorities that make up more than 50% of the populace in Fort Worth.  Otherwise the political divisiveness will continue given that a form of oppression is being practiced on the minority community. 

Republicans can learn.  They too have made their share of mistakes they just haven’t started paying for them yet.  Heard it today, politics is the art of negotiation and compromise.  At the moment, you have one side eating crow.  It does not taste well.  Crow is something that is always on the table and can be ordered with the snap of a finger.  When people get tired of eating crow, they will show up to vote.  Guarantee. 

The United Fort Worth movement is driven by young people with the support of older folks.  The mix is too strong to say that the problem will go away or swept under the rug.  Is this the beginning of the end of Republican rule of Tarrant County?

“And don’t speak to soon because the wheel is still in spin and there is no telling who that it’s naming for the loser now will be later to win -  for the times they are a changin’.”

Felix Alvarado



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On Becoming White

I was helping a friend in a local campaign when I walked into the office and heard one of the campaign workers come in and explain the problem they were having selling the candidate. Apparently, someone started the rumor that the candidate was a “sellout”. Having heard the term before and knowing what it meant disgusted me completely. This is a value that is learned at home.

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Señor Curandero,

My problem is not my golf game; in fact, my friends tell me I should attend the P.G.A. Qualifier School
Señor Curandero my problem is my wife, she’s demanding I spend more time with her and the kids. I play (5) times a week 3 quick 9s & 2 18s. I also work 6 days a week_ she has no problem with work. Please help as divorce is not an option due to my strong religious beliefs.

Signed Great Golfer with Desperate Housewife Handicap

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On April 28, 2017, my loving wife and best friend, Roberta, passed away after a long illness. We were married for nearly forty-six years. In accordance with her wishes, we had a very small and private memorial on May 23 to celebrate her life, and we have had no announcement of her passing in the press yet. Throughout our married years, we did almost everything together and supported each other. I dearly loved her and to say the least, it’s been a difficult time for me.

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