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Cowboys Esto Y Lotro 2017

Training camp will start on July 24th, just around the corner, and I am ready! And, from the chatter on sports talk radio and the web, I believe I am not alone. But, the question we all have is will Dak and company go back to where they left off last season? Well, if you believe the Vegas odds-makers the answer is No, they have them only winning 9 and half games. Of course, that is short of the 13-3 record they posted last season. More on that later, for now let’s look at as Monty Python’s Life of Brian song, “The bright side of life”.

Jerry Jones is going into the Hall of Fame. You may not like Jerry for whatever reason, but is he Hall of Fame worthy as an owner? The answer must be a resounding Yes, there is no doubt he made the Cowboys winners again. As for his ability to market and create new income streams for his team, and in some cases the NFL in general, he must rank among the best. When Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for $140.00 Million, they were losing a million a month. Even Trump was quoted as saying, “I don’t’ know why anybody would buy the Cowboys, no real opportunity for growth there”. As bad as some of the optics where (Landry firing etc) when Jones took over, can you imagine Trump as the owner? I don’t’ know what makes me sicker, the thought of Trump owning the Cowboys, or him as POTUS.

All reports appear positive about the return of second round 2016 draft choice Jaylon Smith, who was sidelined with a serious knee injury during his rookie season. There is no doubt the defense can use a spark, however at least for now Anthony Hitchens will likely remain the starter at Middle linebacker. Another bright note of sorts, our boy Dak won an ESPY for best breakthrough Athlete. He was only third behind Tom Brady and Drew Brees, in passer rating with 104.9. That is muy Buena (good) in anybody’s book, it will be interesting to see if he can do the same in his sophomore year. One thing for sure, the schedule for a first-place team is a lot tougher then they faced last year.

What is not Bueno, is the growing list of Cowboys facing multiple game suspensions, new on the list and perhaps costlier; Zek reportably is facing a 2 or 3 game suspicion for a domestic violence case that has been under investigation for about a year now. David Irving is out 4 games for a illegal substance case, Rolando McClain one year suspension (drugs,) and the latest and perhaps dumbest is Damien Lewis who was recently arrested for a weapons charge in what he described as a “road rage incident”.

Am I willing to bet against Vegas odds makers today? Gun to my head (Maybe), however I am concerned about the suspicions, and how playing a 1st place schedule will affect this now young team. Camp starts July 24th I am ready and as T.O. once said, “Get your popcorn ready!”

By A. Govea



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