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Well, there is still football going on, in fact watched some good games last weekend, and I kind of liked the Saturday night games. New Orleans and Carolina was a heck of a game to close the first round of the playoffs. When I watch the teams in the playoffs, I cannot help but measure my team with what I am seeing on the screen. With that in mind, I really felt the talent I saw on the field this past weekend was not much better than the Cowboys. In fact, you might say the Cowboys have some better-skilled players in several areas.
  Well if that is true it points to the coaches. The Cowboys are making (Sic) changes there. Let’s see receiver’s coaches, special teams possibly, and maybe a tight end coach. That really gets me excited for next season, how about you? Especially since “the clapper” (Jason Garret) has again received the blessing from the man upstairs (Jerry Jones) to return. Who knows, maybe he will attend a coaching clinic, or two and learn something.  Maybe he will summon the ghost of Tom Landry for help. Or maybe call Jimmy Johnson and ask how he did it. All of those work for me. I just do not want more of the same, because I know we are wasting good talent. In the NFL, all teams have a short time to get it done because players will come and go for whatever reason. Despite it all, I believe we have enough talent on this team to make a run. But the window will not remain open forever- remember Tony Romo.
  Before I close the book on this season, I do have to give some praise to the Defense that despite what most of us thought, was major (better). Not only up front with Damarcus Lawrence 141/2 sacks, David Irving had 7 sacks. And yes, our boy Taco finally showed up with 3 sacks, Jaylon Smith even seems to be headed in the right direction now. The secondary was also much better with Awuzie and company. Overall, I have to say our Offense was a big disappointment. Que Paso (What Happened)? That is the question that must be answered. Oh well, they have an entire offseason to figure it out but don’t count on it.
  As for me, I will admit to having a sense of freedom not having to commit to 3 hours plus a week spent watching the game. And, that is certainly not counting trying to figure what went wrong every week. Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld wrote an article once in the New Yorker about quitting golf. In the article Larry was so alighted about having made that decision; he started skipping like a child. While I probably won’t start doing that, I do feel like I have my Sundays back to do as I please. Maybe I’ll’ play more golf (not well), start seeding my lawn (Never going to happen) but sounds good or maybe I’ll’ read a book. Pero, maybe I should start studying the draft because maybe just maybe our missing piece is there?
By A. Govea                                  



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