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El Weekender

No 84

The Orville


Sunday 8/7c

Seth McFarlane is most popular for his raunchy cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad. And, even though he starred in his own live action comedy before, his new series is nothing like his previous projects. Seth McFarlane showcases his love for Sci-Fi’s and comedy with “The Orville”. A hilarious spin on space exploration, complete with a diverse starship crew of humans and aliens who despite their differences find common ground when it comes to delivering supplies to space stations and assisting in minor search missions.

I was wearied of this new project, it seemed as it was a simple parody of the popular sci-fi “Star Trek, however I was pleasantly proved wrong. “The Orville”, is far from a parody, and holds its own as a Sci-Fi with hilarious dry wit. Unlike Family Guy, this new series is not based off shock value or randomness, the story line is compelling for a comedy. Also, for a comedy series, they didn’t seem to skim on the special effects, the different alien species were ugly but well done.

Seth McFarlane showcases the depth of his acting abilities as he transitions from wildly crude and goofy to serious and refined, but hilarious. The Orville is definitely worth giving a chance, but like Seth McFarlane’s other programs, I would wait until the kids are in bed to enjoy it.

Denise Jimenez



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