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El Weekender

No 84

A Win is a Win Pero (But)

Was the Cowboy defense really that much better than last season, or is the Giant’s offense as bad as it looked Sunday night?

Demarcus Lawrence looked a like D. Ware, two sacks and a bunch of tackles, and hurries. Jaylon Smith looked like he may be a real difference maker this season, even though reportedly he still only 80% recovered. As for Sean Lee, the guy is a wrecking ball out there, his ability to read the opposing team’s offense is unreal. Anthony Brown’s interception was key in stopping the Giants momentum, which allowed the Cowboys the opportunity to kick a field goal to seal the game. But, are they for real? Hard to say at this point however, I will say that overall any time you keep any team to 3 points; that must mean something. And yea, they did not have their playmaker Odell Beckham Jr., but you must believe one player is not the whole offense.  As for the Cowboy offense, it appeared that there was some rust out there, things seemed a little off to me.

Especially in the QB. position, Dak missed several throws, high, left and wide, but still had 24 of 39 for 268 yards, 1 TD, and no interceptions. That earned a 90.5 QB. rating, which will win games in this NFL, especially if your defense is respectful. Throw in this is only Dak’s sophomore season, Ca Mas Quires (What else could you want) I will take it. As for Zeek, he had 24 runs for 104 yards, he looked good but not spectacular, I kinda thought he also seemed a little off. Overall the offense did well Dez, Witten, Williams, as for Beasley he had the circus pass of the night. A juggle around the back catch that put a smile on Cowboy fans, and non-Cowboy fans alike. Next Sunday Denver.

  Their offense does not scare me with 2nd year Q.B. Trevor Siemian, their running game was decent against the Chargers but they clearly have offense line problems. As for passing game, former SMU Emmanuel Sanders may give Dallas corners fits with his speed, and big play ability.  Denver still has one of the best defenses in the NFL, and they proved it on Monday against the Chargers. Keeping them to a total of 64 yards rushing in their 24/21. Defensive standouts are Cornerback Agib Talib, and Defensive end Shelby Harris.  The last time these two teams met was in 2013, and it turned into a real shoot out with Denver winning 51-48, Peyton Manning was at the helm in that one. Now Peyton is best known for his funny commercials as Romo will soon be known for his work in the booth. Which by the way according to all reports, he did very well in his first regular season game. I do not expect a shoot-out in this game like in 2013, it will likely be a close game. However, Cowboys running game allows them to control the ball and time, which will eventually wear down any Defense including Denver’s. And if defense can equal their effort this Sunday as they had against Giants Cowboys Win!  

By A. Govea 


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The word Mexican has become a bad word in the United States, it is like calling someone a communist. That is why so many shamed-faced Mexican-Americans call themselves Hispanics, a word that wasn’t used before the 1980s. Back then we were Mexican-Americans, and some called themselves Chicanos to distinguish themselves from Mexican Nationals. There are some Mexicans who cannot escape the brand of being Mexican, they cannot escape this scape-goat stigma by calling themselves Hispanics.

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Heard on the radio regarding the calamity in Houston the large number of people that responded to help that there were no racial lines, everyone was involved in saving lives and there were no racial barriers. Much of this happened without government control, direction or supervision. This comment made me think about politics. No doubt this humanitarian act saved many lives. This is the America that I know. If during a calamity we get rid of racial barriers, why can’t we do the same with political and ideological barriers.

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